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Liniment Muc-off Warm up Cream 150ml

Liniment Muc-off Warm up Cream 150ml

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Luxury Warm Up Cream that’ll get your muscles raring to go for that ride or workout.


Laugh in the face of cold weather! Our Luxury Warm Up Cream will warm, strengthen and stimulate your body, to ensure you are in the best possible condition, ready to face all that mother nature can throw at you!

An innovative mix of natural extracts combined with our intelligent ‘self thinking’ heating system actively controls the warming temperature provided to your muscles. This primes the treated areas to ensure you are in an optimal condition before you start a training session or competition.

Item type Personal hygiene
Item name Luxury Warm Up Cream
Description Warm, strengthen and stimulate your body in cool/cool conditions
Size 150 ml
Other Non-toxic, skin friendly, plant derived natural formular
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