Rakskum MUC-OFF Shaving Cream 250 ml

Rakskum MUC-OFF Shaving Cream 250 ml

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If you’re going full aero and shaving your legs, you’ll want to use our Luxury Shaving Cream. Its buttery smooth formula will hydrate and look after your skin


You’re a perfectionist.

In your work, in your sport. You spend hours in the saddle, honing your pedal stroke, or hit the gym at the crack of dawn to fit in those crucial hours of pre-work training.

So why not perfect your personal grooming regime?

Our Luxury Shaving Cream has been designed with the athlete in mind. It is the thickest formula you’ll have ever experienced, staying on the skin even when submerged in water, so you’ll never miss your shaving blind spot again.

Tsubaki oil helps hydrate and nourish the skin; a built-in cooling function protects against irritation, nicks and cuts post-shave; and it sticks closely to the skin, ensuring a smooth shave on the thickest hair or dry skin.

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