Shimano Anti Seize Monteringspasta 50 ml

Shimano Anti-Seize monteringspasta är lika viktigt som fett och oljor för att hålla din cykel i trim och underhållsfri. Applicering av Shimano Anti-seize hjälper till att förhindra att gängor förstörs.
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Monteringspasta Muc-off Carbon Gripper, 75g

The guys here at Muc-Off HQ have been racking their brains to come up with a solution for carbon fibre bike parts slipping. Whether it's your Carbon seatpost having a mind of its own or your Carbon stem is struggling to grip your handle bars, our mad scientists have come up with the answer. May we introduce the all-new, highly advanced Carbon Gripper!
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Kolfiberpasta Motorex Carbon Paste, burk 100 gram

Motorex Carbon Paste is ideal for assembling parts made of carbon and aluminium - saddle rods, pedals, brackets, etc. Provides effective protection against contact corrosion. Makes it easy to dismantle the parts assembled.
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Kopparpasta Motorex Copper Paste, burk 100 gram

COPPER PASTE forms an effective separating layer between metal surfaces, thus preventing corrosion, at temperatures from –40 °C to + 900 °C, and up to +1200 °C for short periods. The paraffinic base oil works at temperatures up to 280 °C. Above this, lubrication is guaranteed by the copper particles. Assembly paste for all kinds of screws, threads and...
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