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Väska Cool Topbag AVS 21, Svart

COOL Top As the name suggests, COOL can be used as a cooler to store food and drinks when you are on the go. 
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Korg Atran Grocery med väska AVS svart

GROCERY In some places, reusable grocery bags and baskets are a necessity due to regulations limiting the use of disposable plastics. This strong and durable basket makes shopping by bike so much easier. GROCERY is an essential tool for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact. Read about how Eva uses GROCERY. 
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Trälåda Atran Woody, till pakethållare fram, inkl AVS

WOODY Combining nostalgia and class, WOODY is a vintage-style handmade wooden crate designed to fit both front and rear carriers equipped with AVS. WOODY is also available with standard brackets for installation on other carriers.
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